Welcome to the Corum Family Web Site

This is our own little corner of the web where we share a bit about ourselves, what we like to do, yada, yada, yada. You know the drill.

We live in the South Bay part of San Diego (Chula Vista area). The "Castle" is what we call our home. Not because it looks like a castle. We live on a street called "Castle Island" and the name just kind of sounded approprate.

The immediate family is Mike, Maricarmen (MC to her close friends) and Joaquin. We also have several cats (Sofia, Raja, and Nina) and about 15 Koi fish in our pond.

In our spare time MC loves to do the typical gardening in the backyard, Mike is always loading something new onto his computer. We both enjoy listening to smooth jazz in the home office while we are tied down to our work computers trying to catch up with the flurry of projects and/or email tasks.

Feel free to browse around and see what the Corum's are up to. You can move your cursor and click on the photos at the top of the page or use the links to the left.



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