Art Walk on the Bay

September 18

With the Safety Congress event behind us (Thursday & Friday), we decided to stay at the hotel another day. From our room up on the 14th floor, we could see all of the activity in progress for the Art Walk on the Bay event that starts Saturday morning.  We thought it would be a great way to start out the weekend and enjoy a bit of San Diego. All we had to do is walk right out the front door of the hotel and we would be right in the middle of the event. Hilton Bay Front Hotel There were roughly 80-100 booths setup.  Some of the art work was simply amazing.  Many of the displays were paintings from acrylic to water-color, some wood decorative items and a number of custom glass artists.    A few hours later, we had covered the Art Walk event from one end to the other. As we started to head out, I noticed a corner booth that I thought we missed.  Wow, glad I noticed this little gem.  The artist, Gustavo Santana, makes etchings in glass all by hand. MC noticed a giraffe item that she wanted for her collection at home.  Well,  if she had to buy something, so did I.  We walked away with two of his prized glass works.


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