Luis Miguel Concert

September 10

This was our second time seeing Luis Miguel in concert. The show was suppose to start at 8:00. Finally, just before 9:00 he decided to kick things off. Seems that he is almost an hour late for many of his own shows according to some reviews. Ours was no different. As well, he closed down a bit early too. Instead of 2-hours, we got about 90 minutes of entertainment. I somewhat felt cheated. Especially since we bought the box seats for six.

I have to admit, he sings very well and kept the crowd moving and singing right along. We heard a few songs from many years ago to some of his newer tunes. At a little more than half way through the concert, he brought out a full Mariachi band and dance team. The crowd (mostly hispanics) really got into it.

We took Joaquin with us. This was his first major concert and although he’s not a Luis Miguel fan, I did see him tapping his toes a few times.

Overall, it was a great evening. I think the best part was when MC was singing his songs to me (in spanish no less).


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