Hacienda Punta Piedra (Mexico)

August 05

In celebration of  my birthday, Nine of us all headed down to the beach house in Mexico for a nice long 3 day weekend. We brought in a cook and two massage girls to help make it a very relaxing stay.  Nothing like waking up to a fresh pot of coffee and chicken Chilaquiles being prep’d for breakfast.

After breakfast, and a walk down to the beach, we all jumped in and learned how to make tamales (shredded beef, port and chicken) along with what is referred to sweet tamales with pineapple.  This was going to be our dinner.

The weather was nice even though the early mornings were a bit overcast and hazy.  Evenings were cool even up past midnight.

Here’s our view while sipping coffee in the early morning.  I’d take this any day!

We sat out in the back patio watching the waves roll in and the dolphins swimming north. We ate, drank, snacked and started all over again.


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