When a Pebble is a Rock

September 08

A co-worker showed me his Pebble watch last week.  He’s using it with his Galaxy 3 phone.  Overall, he’s pretty happy with it and hasn’t had any issues.  I’ve been watching the reviews and it seems that they’re a hit with some and others (especially iOS users) who seem to have issues with the Bluetooth service losing connection.

Pebble offers vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. You can dismiss notifications with a shake of your wrist. Some of the features include;
•Incoming Caller ID
•Email (Gmail or any IMAP email account)
•SMS on both Android and iPhones
•iMessage (iOS only)
•Calendar Alerts
•Facebook Messages
•Weather Alerts
•Silent vibrating alarm and timer

With a quick check on-line at Best Buy Chula Vista, I confirmed they have the Red and Black models in stock.  At $149, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Well, 40-minutes later, I’m back at home, box opened and the device getting a charge. A quick review of the included manual and I start the setup process.

After 45-minutes of trying to configure the watch, I’m already very frustrated.  The screen goes blank (just a white display), the buttons are not responding and I get weird screen display like its stuck between menus.  Okay,  maybe it needs a full charge.  After 5-hours of charging, I reset the watch back to factory setting (5 minutes to just get the menus to respond),  I try again and again with the same failed results.  Upon checking the trouble shooting tips on-line, each of the issues described in their document, I’m having each one of them.

I also discovered that the Pebble Watch will not connect to Microsoft Exchange email accounts. It only works with IMAP.  Another draw back, even if I was able to get ot working as advertised.

Back to Best Buy it goes.  I so wanted this to work. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the iWatch from Apple… assuming the rumors are true.

UPDATE: While returning the Pebble Watch to Best Buy, I had the chance to ask the clerk about other returns.  Yep — plenty of them.  All with various complaints of screen and button issues.  Sounds like someone has production or software issues.


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