Dual Camera Car DVR

November 18
I bought two of these dual camera “Boom Yours” DVR’s on Amazon for $62 each.
The DVR has two cameras that can both be rotated 270 degrees, allowing for recording high definition videos from two different angles (front and rear traffic). The night vision feature will also allow you to make clear recordings in relatively dark environments. It also has the option of recording cab audio too.
Compared to normal car DVRs, this new model introduces two new functions:
-GPS Logger: Open up Google Maps and you can instantly see your vehicle’s driving track, speed, time, and date.
-G-Sensor: Also known as the gravity sensor, this car DVR detects and records any sudden motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis. As soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact occurs, the DVR records and locks the recording.
  • Screen: 2.7 inch high definition screen
  • Lens: f: 2mm; F, 2.0 (IR lens)
  • Camera: Front: 140 degree wide angle Back: 120 wide angle
  • Color sensor: 1/4″” color CMOS
  • Video resolution: 1280*480 (dual mode), 640*480 (single mode)
  • Video format: AVI
  • Cycled recording: Yes
  • Memory: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Microphone / speaker: Built-in
  • Time stamp: Yes
The included software allows you to view the recordings along with Google Maps GPS info reflecting the driving speed and real time map tracking.  I’m using it with a 32GB MicroSD card and I’m getting 6-8 hours of recorded video and meta data.
The quality of the video is acceptable.  You won’t be able to read license plates on cars unless you are right on top of them such as a stop light but the video is clear enough to see any action in front or behind you.
For $62 each, I thinks its a good deal for the features.

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