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November 24

Many may not know it but I have a fetish for watches.  I probably have a dozen or so hanging around. Some of them are rather inexpensive Timex type watches for when we go camping or on vacation, and I have a few nicer watches for night on the town with the wife.  Over the past few years, I’ve tried several smart watches and have been totally disappointed .  . . until now.

Best Buy recently had a sale on the Martial Notifier for $89. It claims good interfacing with iOS and has lots of high ratings from Amazon and Best Buy. This isn’t a high-end do everything Smart watch but what it does do, it seems to hold up to its claims.


Martian Watch-Notifier3

Several of the key features of the Martian are:

  • SMS notification
  • Email notifications
  • Find My iPhone
  • Activate Siri
  • Out of range Alert

On the OLED display, you can set character limits and scroll speed of the messages.  and even adjust the sensitivity of the vibration alerts. After a notification, you can just tap the watch and dismiss the notification(s).

Battery life is quite reasonable and lasts me a week before needing to recharge. The Martian Notifier has two separate batteries. A standard watch battery for the analog watch function (which is suppose to last two years before needing to be replaced) and a separate rechargeable battery that manages the smart functions of the watch. Charging cable is an altered micro-USB cable with a extended end connection that goes deep into the watch. Its a very unique cable so you need to ensure a safe storage and not lose it.

The not-so-good...

The standard watchband is made of rugged silicone.  It picks up fuzz from your sweater, pocket lint, etc. all too easily (UGH!).  I’ve read where you can change out the band to a more stylish metal or leather band. I should also mention that several folks have posted a reminder that the watch IS NOT water proof in any way. Another slight issue for some is that you cannot be selective in email notifications (user, email account, subject line.. nada!. Its all or nothing and this tends to be a bit of an annoyance in my case due to the number of junk emails I get. Lastly, it doesn’t have the ability to pop-up reminders or calendar/meeting notifications.

I was hoping a bit more from this watch but again, at $89 I still think its a good deal for anyone who want basic SMS & Email notifications instantly on their wrist. .



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