Ham Radio License Upgrade

February 22

I’ve had my Ham Radio license since 2001. Most of the time, I’m on local 2-meter or 440 MHz San Diego repeaters talking to friends that I know from the various radio clubs that I belong to. Recently, I have been getting the bug to upgrade my license to the next level from Technician to General. Especially since the Morse Code requirement has been dropped.  I already have several HF radios that I acquired several years ago but due to my license restrictions and the physical space it takes to put up a HF antenna, the equipment has just been sitting in the closet. Below is a photo of the Kenwood TS-450S. I also have a Kenwood TS-820.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been studying the General test exam questions (… all 400+ questions) and I’m almost ready to take the test.




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