Yuma Hamfest 02/20 – 02/21

February 22



Just back from two fun days in Yuma AZ attending their 2015 Hamfest.  Had the opportunity to meet up with a number of friends from San Diego and make some new friends from all over the US who attended.  Not sure what the attendance head count was for the event but I’ll place it at 1,500 – 2,000.  I attended several seminars covering topics such as Broadband Mesh Network/BBHN ;  Digital HF Communications and Magnetic Loop Antennas. Lots of new and exciting things happening in the amateur communications world.

While at the event, I took the General Exam test…. and, I PASSED! WhooHoo!

Great event.  Had lots of fun and can’t wait for next years Yuma Hamfest.


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