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Rancho Las Salinas – Sheep Feeders

MC’s mom has a small ranch with about 60 sheep.  As the number of sheep increases, the old feed bins have caused a bit of an issue.  The larger sheep seem to take over the feeders and the rest try their best to grab a bite or two.  Solution….. $900 of wood and materials and a nice weekend to build four 8′ dual sided feeders.

Click here for a short video

While at the ranch, we also got to enjoy watching an ewe have a cute baby lamp.  Amazing that after just a few minutes, the lamb was up and feeding on mom. I believe we have over 15 sheep that are close to having babies!


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Hacienda Punta Piedra (Mexico)

In celebration of  my birthday, Nine of us all headed down to the beach house in Mexico for a nice long 3 day weekend. We brought in a cook and two massage girls to help make it a very relaxing stay.  Nothing like waking up to a fresh pot of coffee and chicken Chilaquiles being prep’d for breakfast.

After breakfast, and a walk down to the beach, we all jumped in and learned how to make tamales (shredded beef, port and chicken) along with what is referred to sweet tamales with pineapple.  This was going to be our dinner.

The weather was nice even though the early mornings were a bit overcast and hazy.  Evenings were cool even up past midnight.

Here’s our view while sipping coffee in the early morning.  I’d take this any day!

We sat out in the back patio watching the waves roll in and the dolphins swimming north. We ate, drank, snacked and started all over again.


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Bachelor Party at Punta Piedra

MC’s cousin is getting married in October (Alex). Instead of the traditional wild and crazy bachelor/bachelorette party, Alex and Julieta chose to have a combined outing where they can both just relax and hang with friends. The event was held at Punta Piedra, a home that MC’s mom built from scratch. The house sits right on the edge of the water with a fantastic ocean view. Very romantic. They brought in a chef and serving staff to cater the event. The food was great as well as the weather. We had a nice evening.


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