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Las Vegas for Valentine’s

We just got back from a nice 5-day Valentine’s vacation in  Las Vegas.

Mostly, we kicked back and enjoyed the down time. We stayed with Marielena and Jorge (MC’s sister and husband) who lives in Vegas.  We enjoyed a few nights out having dinner, visited with her brother Luis who also lives in Vegas.

For entertainment,  we went to a Bobby Caldwell concert;  got to enjoy the Cirque Du Soleil “MYSTERE” show at Treasure Island and did a bit of shopping.

One more day of vacation left and then its back to the daily grind at work.


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Tahiti Vacation – 2012

Tahiti – September 2012

Our vacation to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora was in the planning for over a year. Some of our best photos of the South Pacific were taken on Moorea & Bora Bora. The prestine lagoons with white sands, and deep colored sunsets make for an awesome scene for romance on the island. This has to be one of the best vacation islands ever. We enjoyed the trip with Nelson (MC’s son) and his wife Wendie.

We spent the 1st week in Moorea and the 2nd week in Bora Bora.

Click the image below for our photos

We also have a YouTube video here

Enjoy!  Mike & Maricarmen


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Luis Miguel Concert

This was our second time seeing Luis Miguel in concert. The show was suppose to start at 8:00. Finally, just before 9:00 he decided to kick things off. Seems that he is almost an hour late for many of his own shows according to some reviews. Ours was no different. As well, he closed down a bit early too. Instead of 2-hours, we got about 90 minutes of entertainment. I somewhat felt cheated. Especially since we bought the box seats for six.

I have to admit, he sings very well and kept the crowd moving and singing right along. We heard a few songs from many years ago to some of his newer tunes. At a little more than half way through the concert, he brought out a full Mariachi band and dance team. The crowd (mostly hispanics) really got into it.

We took Joaquin with us. This was his first major concert and although he’s not a Luis Miguel fan, I did see him tapping his toes a few times.

Overall, it was a great evening. I think the best part was when MC was singing his songs to me (in spanish no less).


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Sade – LIVE in San Diego, CA

What a treat to hear and see Sade live right here in San Diego at the Cricket Wireless amphitheatre (which happens to be just a quick 20-minute drive from our house).  Sade, a British-Nigerian singer, together with the opening R&B star John Legend, pulled off a perfect evening. MC, with her magical know-how purchased fantastic box seats where we were able to sit very comfortible around a nice sized private table area with a great up-close view of the stage. Oh — and it included VIP parking just steps away from the entrance and dinner too!

I absolutely love to listen to her music. She sung many of my fav’s including;    – Soldier Of Love  – Your Love Is King  – Kiss Of Life  – Smooth Operator  – Jezebel  – Is It A Crime?  – Nothing Can Come Between Us  – The Sweetest Taboo  – No Ordinary Love  – By Your Side.

Besides the awesome music, she had some stunning visuals that covered the entire back-drop of the stage.  I don’t think I have been to a better concert.


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Disneyland with the Italian Students

As some of you may know, we have two Italian high school students living with us for a few weeks. It’s part of a student exchange program at Joaquin’s school. MC, Joaquin and our two Italian students off to Disneyland for the weekend.

It started out as a day trip but the excitement got to them and they decided they were going to make it a two day event Park Hopper Tickets for Four…..

  • $600 Food & Lodging…..
  • $300 Gas (Expedition w/ 14 MPG) ….
  • $100 The smiles on their faces… Priceless!

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Art Walk on the Bay

With the Safety Congress event behind us (Thursday & Friday), we decided to stay at the hotel another day. From our room up on the 14th floor, we could see all of the activity in progress for the Art Walk on the Bay event that starts Saturday morning.  We thought it would be a great way to start out the weekend and enjoy a bit of San Diego. All we had to do is walk right out the front door of the hotel and we would be right in the middle of the event. Hilton Bay Front Hotel There were roughly 80-100 booths setup.  Some of the art work was simply amazing.  Many of the displays were paintings from acrylic to water-color, some wood decorative items and a number of custom glass artists.    A few hours later, we had covered the Art Walk event from one end to the other. As we started to head out, I noticed a corner booth that I thought we missed.  Wow, glad I noticed this little gem.  The artist, Gustavo Santana, makes etchings in glass all by hand. MC noticed a giraffe item that she wanted for her collection at home.  Well,  if she had to buy something, so did I.  We walked away with two of his prized glass works.


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2010 Safety Congress and Leadership Awards

MC and I spend the day at the 2010 Safety Congress and Leadership Awards with 400 of our closest friends from work.  Well, actually — we worked the event.  It started with the setup and rehersal on Thursday from 3:00PM until 9:00 PM and up again at 5:00 AM to get ready for our co-workers to show up at 6:30. All of the hard work everyone put into the planning and coordination of presentations, speakers, food, etc. etc.  allowed everything to be absolutely perfect. Although I only spent the past two days involved in the event, MC and a large cast of others have been working on this for months.  2010 Safety Congress & Leadership Awards  MC (left) and Zoraya (right)


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Bachelor Party at Punta Piedra

MC’s cousin is getting married in October (Alex). Instead of the traditional wild and crazy bachelor/bachelorette party, Alex and Julieta chose to have a combined outing where they can both just relax and hang with friends. The event was held at Punta Piedra, a home that MC’s mom built from scratch. The house sits right on the edge of the water with a fantastic ocean view. Very romantic. They brought in a chef and serving staff to cater the event. The food was great as well as the weather. We had a nice evening.


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Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power

07/29/2010: Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power MC, Joaquin and I just finished a 4-day packed event with Tony Robbins and his ‘Unleash the Power’ seminar in Long Beach. Talk about getting pumped up. It’s amazing that he can keep a crowd of 3,000 going strong for 12-14 hours at a time. We totally enjoyed the event and would recommend it to anyone. Both Joaquin and MC did the fire walk. I elected not to sear my toes together. Something just doesn’t seem right when asked to go barefoot and walk across 2000 degrees of glowing hot coals.


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Las Vegas & Zipline Fun

03/06/2010: Las Vegas & Zipline Fun It’s MC’s sister’s 50th birthday celebration (Marielena). Off to Las Vegas for the weekend. Marielena has a new slogan “Fearless”. She discovered a zipline adventure about 30 minutes outside of town near Bolder City. It boasts that it has some of the fastest lines around. Yep. Eight of us headed off for several hours of pure fun and excitement. Our photos are here.


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