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8,000 Windows XP converted… many more to go.

I’ve recently moved from supporting our executive offices to a new position on our Windows 7 migration project. We have roughly 12,000 Windows XP systems. Some used a general office computers, others are in critical call centers who are operational 24 x 7.  Some are with staff  out in the field daily.  Not to mention, at last count we have 10’s of thousands of applications that all have to be certified or may require some form of remediation to ensure they function correctly under Windows 7.

One of the bigger challenges is timing.  Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP April 2014.  The project has a deadline of January 1st to wrap up the project. With 4,000+ systems still to go, it will be difficult at best.  To add to the mix, we’ve had several MAJOR reorg’s within our IT organization and key staff members have been either laid off or moved to other projects.


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2010 Safety Congress and Leadership Awards

MC and I spend the day at the 2010 Safety Congress and Leadership Awards with 400 of our closest friends from work.  Well, actually — we worked the event.  It started with the setup and rehersal on Thursday from 3:00PM until 9:00 PM and up again at 5:00 AM to get ready for our co-workers to show up at 6:30. All of the hard work everyone put into the planning and coordination of presentations, speakers, food, etc. etc.  allowed everything to be absolutely perfect. Although I only spent the past two days involved in the event, MC and a large cast of others have been working on this for months.  2010 Safety Congress & Leadership Awards  MC (left) and Zoraya (right)


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TED 5002 Arrived

06/18/2010: TED 5002 Arrived TED is a home energy monitoring system. You can monitor specific circuits, just portions of the house or the entire energy usage at one big view. I researched various systems and settled on the TED (The Energy Detective) due to its high user rating and that they just received approval from Google to start publishing data on Googles’ PowerMeter interface. Our average gas & electrical bill was running around $190 @ month and kept increasing a little each and every month on a steady basis. I purchased the TED 5002-C model that comes with dual clamps so I could monitor two individual circuits and move the clamps around for various readings throughout the house. The system is very slick and works as advertised. Yea, it has a few minor quarks but overall it has worked well and provides some solid insight into power usage. I quickly discovered we left the lights on in the garage way too often; the living room plasma TV sucks up 500 watts and the wall warts don’t really eat up that much power in comparison to the big picture. I also discovered that our Koi pond, which runs two filter pumps 24×7 used up 40% of our electrical usage. With a few changes (and ripping out the Koi pond) we’ve reduced our bill to $93 in August and $96 in September. The numbers are now automatically fed to our iGoogle page and I’m looking into some solar panels for how it might fit into the house and backyard for further savings. See more info and photos on my tech page here.


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