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Las Vegas for Valentine’s

We just got back from a nice 5-day Valentine’s vacation in  Las Vegas.

Mostly, we kicked back and enjoyed the down time. We stayed with Marielena and Jorge (MC’s sister and husband) who lives in Vegas.  We enjoyed a few nights out having dinner, visited with her brother Luis who also lives in Vegas.

For entertainment,  we went to a Bobby Caldwell concert;  got to enjoy the Cirque Du Soleil “MYSTERE” show at Treasure Island and did a bit of shopping.

One more day of vacation left and then its back to the daily grind at work.


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Cabo San Lucas – Our mini vacation

It’s the Labor Day holiday and MC and I decided (… okay, she decided) we needed a quick get-away for the long weekend.  Our timeshare points were about to expire and we needed something quick to avoid losing them. Neither of us had been to Cabo and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The only snafu, is reporting thunder storms, lightning and rain — Before, During and After our visit. Being the crazies were are, we elected to go anyway.

Thursday, 08/29 3:15 PM, we boarded Volardis Airlines flight 450 from TJ.  Two hours later, we arrived at Los Cabos International Airport. We rented a car ($47 for 4 days) and headed off for a nice 30-minute drive to San José Cabo. Yes– it was hot and humid but no rain or storm in sight.  Apparently, the day before, it poured for several hours and winds were reported to hit over 60 MPH.

We stayed at the Wyndham Resort in San José Cabo.  Its about 20-30 minutes from downtown Cabo and has almost as prominent vacation and resort destination attractions as Cabo. After we checked in, we headed to the Mega grocery store and stocked up on bottled water, breakfast and lunch foods… not to mention all of the wonderful pastries for snacking.

We discovered that in the winter, pods of whales can be observed in the area. They bear their calves in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez after completing their six-thousand-mile migration from Alaska and Siberia. There are many talks of viewing these right off the coast as they migrate North.  Sounds like an opportunity for another trip to catch this amazing activity.

The following morning, we visited the Grand Mayan just a few miles away from our resort.

This place is a 6-star resort with large Mayan statues in the entry.

We spend way too much time talking to the timeshare folks.  They so much wanted to sell us a $65,000 golf-vacation package.  Thank you but no! It’s a place we’ll look into for a future stay but just too darn pricey for purchasing.

On Sunday, we took a drive to the marina in downtown Cabo to head off for a fun filled day on a ‘Party Boat/Snorkeling’ adventure.    While MC got to enjoy the water, I stayed aboard the boat.. sicker than a dog.  Not sure what set it off but for a few hours, I was in bad shape.  Nothing a few Pepto pills couldn’t handle.

Monday was a relaxing last day.  We spent much of the day sitting out by the pool reading with a few dips in the large pool to cool us down.   Overall, we had a great time. Cabo is simply beautiful and we had a very enjoyable time.


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Hacienda Punta Piedra (Mexico)

In celebration of  my birthday, Nine of us all headed down to the beach house in Mexico for a nice long 3 day weekend. We brought in a cook and two massage girls to help make it a very relaxing stay.  Nothing like waking up to a fresh pot of coffee and chicken Chilaquiles being prep’d for breakfast.

After breakfast, and a walk down to the beach, we all jumped in and learned how to make tamales (shredded beef, port and chicken) along with what is referred to sweet tamales with pineapple.  This was going to be our dinner.

The weather was nice even though the early mornings were a bit overcast and hazy.  Evenings were cool even up past midnight.

Here’s our view while sipping coffee in the early morning.  I’d take this any day!

We sat out in the back patio watching the waves roll in and the dolphins swimming north. We ate, drank, snacked and started all over again.


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Tahiti Vacation – 2012

Tahiti – September 2012

Our vacation to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora was in the planning for over a year. Some of our best photos of the South Pacific were taken on Moorea & Bora Bora. The prestine lagoons with white sands, and deep colored sunsets make for an awesome scene for romance on the island. This has to be one of the best vacation islands ever. We enjoyed the trip with Nelson (MC’s son) and his wife Wendie.

We spent the 1st week in Moorea and the 2nd week in Bora Bora.

Click the image below for our photos

We also have a YouTube video here

Enjoy!  Mike & Maricarmen


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